Logistics is the anticipation, control and optimisation of the transfer of goods, information or services from the producer/supplier directly to the consumer. Logistics encompasses many professions and related fields and is an important component of the local and international economy.

We promote cooperation in terms of organising logistics between Poland (other EU countries) and the countries of the Central Asian region - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. These countries are landlocked and currently use, as the main land trade routes to the EU, routes that pass through Belarus, usually using railway or road transport.

We provide efficient logistics solutions, help to reduce costs when delivering goods, organise and coordinate the delivery of goods from the manufacturer/supplier directly to the consumer.

We always try to offer the best options for cargo delivery and know how to make sure that the goods reach the consumer in a timely and cost-effective manner. We solve issues related to optimising movement, storage, transportation and some other work processes.

Our main objective is to ensure that products are delivered at the right time and place and at the lowest possible cost.

We and our network of partners in the EU, EAEU, CIS, Turkey, China and other regions of the world find optimal logistics solutions and offer the best value for money and speed of cargo delivery.

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Geography of partnerships

The EU's successful integration experience is an important tool for political and cultural interaction with other countries and regions. The EU's co-operation with the countries of Central Asia, a region with great natural and human resources, is of particular importance.

Due to its geographical peculiarity and lack of direct communications with the EU countries, there is a need for an experienced intermediary between Central Asia and the EU. Such an intermediary is our Belarusian partner PINEWOOD LLC, which in its turn has a developed network of partners in Central Asia, EAEU, CIS, China, Turkey and the relevant infrastructure for servicing commodity flows.

Our company has good partnership relations both in the EU and Central Asian countries. We participate in the processes of interstate economic integration of these regions. We contribute to the economic rapprochement of partners from Central Asia, EAEU, CIS, China, Turkey and the EU.

We and our partners in Belarus, Central Asia, EAEU, CIS countries have experience in organising such transportations, operative solution of issues at PL-BY border crossings, creating conditions for efficient trade between Poland (other EU countries) and Central Asian countries.

We cooperate with the Polish-Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PATPP), we are open to members of the Chamber and interested entrepreneurs from the EU and Central Asia in terms of providing services and offers for logistics, freight forwarding of cargo and goods to the markets of Central Asia, China and other regions, and back to Poland, EU countries.

We guarantee that our offers will allow you to save time and money, to observe the interests of mutually beneficial co-operation. Our network of contacts and rich experience in the Central Asian region, as well as our coordinating company in Belarus will allow us to promptly solve the issues on organisation of cargo transportation with crossing the borders PL-BY, BY-KZ, UZ, KG and other countries of the region.

We are working to deepen the European Union's economic relations with the countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan). The EU is one of the largest consumers of Central Asian exports outside the CIS, and with the unification of energy systems, energy exporters in the region will have a guaranteed market for their products in the medium term.

Facilitating international trade

Our experts analyse and market commodity markets, services, conduct preliminary investment research, develop concepts for creating new innovative projects, calculate the expected or planned profitability and other indicators of the business or project to be created in the field of international trade.

We are preparing solutions to expand trade opportunities between Central Asian countries and the EU using the logistical possibilities of Belarus as a transport corridor.

We support businesses interested in operating in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS.

We have experience of co-operation with customers and contractors, sellers and buyers in the CEE and CIS regions, which allows us to offer a full range of analytical, marketing and business support for projects. Our understanding of the principles and approaches of international financial schemes and instruments allows us to find optimal solutions and take into account the interests of each party to any degree of complexity.

We co-operate with major manufacturers and distributors of equipment, components, semi-finished, raw materials or finished products in financial and trade transactions on an international level.

We are involved in our clients' projects in various sectors such as hospitality, IT, woodworking, metallurgy, fuel and energy, agriculture, food processing and retail.